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Riso Scotti

No. 1 risotto in Italy

Riso Scotti has been processing the highest quality rice from Italy since 1860. The now sixth generation of the Scotti family continues to dedicate itself to the quality and innovation of the best rice varieties, making it one of the leading rice producers in Europe. The company is located in Pavia (Lombardy), a region of Italy known for rice cultivation. Riso Scotti is known for its innovative production processes and advanced agricultural techniques, with an emphasis on preserving the nutritional values ​​and natural taste of the rice.

Riso Scotti’s Benelux range includes the most iconic rice variety from Italy: risotto rice. Riso Scotti naturally offers the pure rice grain – Arborio and Carnaroli risotto – for a traditional preparation with broth. These are available in both retail and Foodservice packaging.

Unique are the Buona Idea risotto products (meaning: ‘Good idea risotto’), which are rich in flavor and creamy in texture after 12 minutes of cooking. This product line has been specially developed to make preparing risotto easy and fast, without compromising on quality and taste. They contain a mix of rice and herbs/spices, which allows you to experience the same delicious taste sensations of Truffle, Parmesan cheese and Porcini mushrooms without using broth.

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