New in the Benelux: the No. 1 from Brazil!

Brazilians live life to the full. No wonder Brazil is a happening place. It simply sparkles. Think samba, carnival and football: you can't get more Brazilian. Now you can add Guaraná Antarctica to that list. Brazil’s national soft drink! Guaraná Antarctica is based on the guaraná, a special berry that grows only in the Amazon region. This fruit contains a natural substance that provides energy. This and the fruity flavour make this soft drink unique. 

Vibrant Brazil 

Think of Brazil and you think of sun, sea, beach, carnival, joyful people and life lived to the full. You can now experience this joie de vivre with Guaraná Antarctica. The No. 1 soft drink in Brazil and now available in the Netherlands!

Guaraná fruit from the Amazon

Guaraná Antarctica is a special soft drink with a refreshing flavour that simply has no comparison. The guaraná berry is cultivated in Brazil's Amazon region, the only place where it grows. The berry contains guaranine, a natural stimulant that helps you stay alert. Local tribes discovered long ago that they could hunt longer and more effectively if they ate the berry. 

The taste of Brazil

Guaraná Antarctica is extremely popular in Brazil, so it's no surprise that it's the sponsor of the Brazilian football team. This vibrant drink has a fruity taste, making Guaraná Antarctica perfect in cocktails. Drink Guaraná Antarctica and enjoy life as a Brazilian does!