New: Lacroix Touch of Taste

Lacroix enhances dishes with that extra Touch

A dash in the gravy, sauce, stew or in a marinade: Lacroix Touch of Taste lends even more flavor to savory dishes. The liquid, concentrated fonds by Lacroix prove that high quality and ease of use go together perfectly. Thanks to the handy, recloseable bottle Touch of Taste is easy to dose. This fond dissolves quickly and is easier to use than, for example a stock cube. Lacroix introduces Touch of Taste in three flavors: Poultry, Fish and Veal.

Convenience for the chef

A fond (a high concentrated reduced stock) is the culinary basis of many a dish. However, creating a fond is time consuming. Moreover, you will often only need a small amount of fond. As an amateur chef, you will not stand in the kitchen all day long to prepare a small amount of fond to add to your dishes. For that reason, Lacroix has developed Touch of Taste, a rich liquid concentrated fond that allows for easy mixing and dosing. A must have for every home chef who likes to combine convenience and quality.

Culinary must-have

One and a half tablespoons is enough to add a good dose of flavor to any savory dish, from gravy to stew. Touch of Taste is packed in a handy bottle to make your every meal better. Stews, pot roast, soups, sauces, stir-fry’s, they all get even more flavor with a dash Touch of Taste. This ready-made fond comes in a recloseable bottle that can be used approximately eight times. The fond is easily mixed and dosed, and dissolves more easily than a stock cube. After opening, Touch of Taste does not have to be stored in the refrigerator. It is available in three variants: Poultry, Fish and Veal.

Background of Lacroix

Lacroix fonds were devised by Eugène Lacroix in 1921. Eugène grew up in an inn and wanted to become a chef since childhood. He was taught the profession by the famous chef Louis Nassoy. In Frankfurt, Lacroix started a company that produced foie gras for restaurants. As a supplier, he realised that it takes much time and energy to produce sauces and fonds. This gave him the idea to differentiate himself by offering high quality sauces and fonds to the restaurants in Frankfurt. Lacroix fond was born. With Touch of Tatse, Lacroix introduced a new generation of seasonings