Guaraná Antarctica

The No. 1 from Brazil; with all the goodness of the guaraná berry

Brazilians live life to the full. No wonder Brazil is a happening place. It simply sparkles. Think samba, carnival and football: you can't get more Brazilian. Now you can add Guaraná Antarctica to that list. Brazil’s national soft drink! 

This unique fruity soft drink owes its flavour to the guaraná berry, which grows only in the Amazon region. The fruit contains guaranine, which helps you stay alert and gives you energy. Local tribes discovered long ago that they could hunt longer and more effectively by eating the berry. 

Guaraná Antarctica

Guaraná Antarctica is extremely popular in Brazil so it's no surprise that it's the sponsor of the Brazilian football team. This sparkling drink is also great in cocktails. 

Guaraná Antarctica is available in 33 cl cans.  

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