A pinch of love

JOZO has enriched life with ‘A pinch of love’ since 1929. Our many years of experience and love for the product are the base of our rich knowledge of salt, in all its types and customs. From Dutch soil we have mastered the art of extracting and grinding salt to perfection. That makes our salt a very ordinary meal into a culinary experience.


The origin and size of the salt grain determine the taste of salt. Jozo helps you make the best choice with a large range of salt for a perfect meal; from fine and pure salt with or without iodine to coarse sea salt from the Caribbean Sea. With these large options JOZO salt brings every dish to the perfect taste, from marinade to garnish. Taste the difference with ‘A pinch of love’.

JOZO - We want to bring out the best. In people. In food. In life.

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