Light, crunchy snack with exquisite Italian flavors

Maretti ® Bruschette Chips is an oven-baked snacks, available in delicious Italian flavors. Developed from Italian recipes that have been passed down through generations, our bite-sized, baked snacks can be enjoyed either straight from the bag or paired with your favourite toppings and dips.


Maretti ® uses carefully selected ingredients to create Bruschette chips. In the bakery, they make our their dough, knead it to perfection, combine it with fresh ingredients and generously season before oven baking in small batches. Their years of experience, expertise in picking the right ingredients and passion for Italian cooking, go into every bite.

Maretti ® do not contain artificial flavours, colors, and preservatives, and are free from transfats and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

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