Riso Scotti

No. 1 risotto in Italy

Since 1860, Riso Scotti processes the highest quality rice in Italy. The sixth generation of the Scotti family continues to dedicate their all to the quality and innovation of the best rice varieties. Riso Scotti is established in Pavia (Lombardy), a region of Italy known for its rice cultivation. In these special surroundings, Riso Scotti upholds centuries-old traditions for the processing of rice. For example, the company uses stone wheels - mola - to mill the rice from its hull, a technique used since 1850.

Riso Scotti

The Benelux assortiment of Riso Scotti consists of the most iconic rice type from Italy: risotto rice. Riso Scotti offers the pure grain - Arborio and Carnaroli risotto - for the traditional preparation with broth. These are available both in retail and Foodservice packagings.

Unique are the Buona Idea risotto products, which after 12 minutes of cooking offer a rich flavor and creamy texture. A quick and easy solution to enjoy a risotto meal, no broth preparation required, but with the same delicious taste sensation of Truffle, Parmesan cheese, Porcini mushrooms or Milanese (saffron).

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