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GranFood Grand'Italia logo


Grand’Italia brings the Italian spirit to the table: spontaneous carefree moments while enjoying simple, authentic and above all delicious food. At Grand’Italia we love the

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GranFood STAR logo


With the STAR broth you have a tasteful basis, with which you give the tastiest dishes a little Italian flair Since 1948, STAR has been

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GranFood Devos & Lemmens logo

Devos & Lemmens

The tradition at every table? Devos & Lemmens; That’s it! D&L is the Belgians’ favorite sauce brand. In 1886 Mrs. Lemmens made the first Devos

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GranFood Aardappel Anders logo

Aardappel Anders

The sauces from Aardappel Anders make a potato meal just that little bit different. You can easily and quickly add a particularly tasty taste to

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GranFood Ocean Spray logo

Ocean Spray

Since 1930, Ocean Spray has offered a range of delicious cranberry products. Only the very best cranberries from the United States, Canada and Chile are

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GranFood Saitaku logo


Saitaku offers a complete range of Japanese quality products, which makes the delicious and varied Japanese cuisine accessible to all Dutch people. From sushi and

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GranFood Ponti logo


For 9 generations, Ponti has been making characteristic vinegars in Italy, full of passion and in a traditional way. The Ponti family uses only the

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GranFood Sapori logo


In 1832, an artisan bakery was founded in Siena by Virgilio Sapori. In this bakery, artisanal almond cookies were made from the very beginning according

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GranFood Lacroix logo


Every culinary soup and sauce starts with an extract of meat/fish, vegetables and/or herbs. However, pulling this takes a lot of time. The ready-to-use Lacroix

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