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Taste the power of cranberries

Since 1930, Ocean Spray has offered a range of delicious cranberry products. Only the very best cranberries from the United States, Canada and Chile are used for this. The cranberries are carefully grown, cared for and harvested, which means that the quality of the products is very high. Ocean Spray is a cooperative of 700 families who have been growing cranberries for generations.

Ocean Spray cranberry fruit drinks based on red cranberry have a fresh, sweet and sour and unique taste and contain all the goodness of the cranberry. The cranberry drink is available in a number of delicious flavors including Cranberry Classic and Low in Sugar, but also blends with Cranberry & Blackcurrant, Cranberry & Blueberry and Cranberry & Raspberry. The different variants are also delicious as an ingredient in cocktails or mocktails.

In addition to various fruit drinks based on red cranberries, the Ocean Spray range also includes variants based on pink, red and white cranberries: Ocean Spray Pink. The products are rich in antioxidant vitamine C, and are without preservatives and artificial colors and sweeteners. This mild and light sweet drink gives a new experience to cranberry and is available in the flavors Cranberry and Cranberry Wild Peach.

In addition to our drinks, the range also includes a Cranberry Sauce. This delicious fruity compote of cranberries has a sweet and sour taste with whole berries for the full experience. There are many great ways to make all kinds of dishes interesting with this wonderfully versatile product. It is the ideal finishing touch for poultry, meat, in pies, on pancakes and other desserts.

For more information, go to www.oceanspray.nl or www.oceanspray.be