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Simply Japanese

Saitaku offers a complete range of Japanese quality products, which makes the delicious and varied Japanese cuisine accessible to all Dutch people. From sushi and poke bowls and teriyaki, with the products and the easy step-by-step preparation instructions, Japanese cooking is within reach for everyone.

Since the start in 2009, Saitaku has taught our country how to make sushi, with essential ingredients such as sushi rice, nori (seaweed sheets), rice vinegar, wasabi, and soy sauce. The Sushi Kit, which contains all the ingredients to make sushi yourself, is the perfect product to experience sushi for the first time. Like most Saitaku products, this kit contains step-by-step instructions for the complete sushi meal. In addition to that practical help, Saitaku inspires with a rich variety of sushi, in shape (maki, inside-out, nigiri) and filling, with fish/meat and all kinds of fresh vegetables.

In addition to ingredients for sushi, Saitaku offers a complete range of Japanese classics, including various types of noodles, sauces, seaweed snacks and more.

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