About Granfood



GranFood – The specialist in sales, distribution and marketing of international premium brands in food in the Benelux

Since 1989, we at GranFood have been building our strong international premium brand portfolio, with FMCG products from, among others, Grand’Italia, Devos & Lemmens, Aardappel Anders and Saitaku. Our team specializes in 360 degrees (shopper and trade) marketing, distribution and sales, with which we provide full-service support for these brands. Everything with a passion for good food.


GranFood is part of GBfoods, one of the largest food companies in Europe and Africa. Started in 1937 with Gallina Blanca in Barcelona and has since grown into an organization with more than 3,600 employees and 30 local brands in the portfolio.

At GBfoods, our goal is to celebrate local flavours. We do this in more than 50 countries, including Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland and various countries in Africa and with GranFood as distributor in the Benelux.

Together with GBfoods, we at GranFood have learned over the years how special it is to enjoy good food. That is why we bring authentic and local flavors to the FMCG market in Holland and we only work with trusted and sustainable suppliers.

Proud and reliable partner within FMCG

We are proud that we belong to the list of largest FMCG distributors in the Netherlands with GranFood. In 2022, the years of hard work were rewarded with the fantastic win of the Industributie Award, in the Groceries Other and Overall category, with which we managed to leave many large organizations behind.

In addition, we also won the Overall Marketing Award in 2022. We were rewarded for the strong 360-degree translation of our (trade) marketing strategy and we were named a ‘major driver in supporting growth segments’.

Our continued growth is made possible by our pragmatic and strong core values. We work together effectively, both internally and with our partners. As a result, despite all the challenges within the FMCG market in recent years, we have also been rewarded in 2023 for the decisive support of our brands with the Industributie Award in the Other Groceries category.

These rewards encourage us to work with our partners, GBfoods and customers to common goals and development. We are proud of our strong local expertise, with which we support the industry.