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Taste the goodness of cranberries

The history of the cranberry dates back hundreds of years. Long before the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers in North America in 1620, the Native Americans were already making survival cake from cranberries, believing in the health-giving properties of cranberries. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and are good for our health; cranberries are linked to the prevention of bladder infections among other things.

Ocean Spray has been offering a range of delicious cranberry products since 1930 and uses the very best cranberries from the United States, Canada and Chile. These cranberries are carefully grown, cared for and harvested, so Ocean Spray products contain only the very best cranberries.

Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray cranberry juice drinks have a fresh, sweetsour and unique taste and contain all the goodness of cranberry. Ocean Spray is available in an number of delicious flavors including Cranberry Classic, Cranberry & Blackcurrant and Cranberry & Blueberry. The various Ocean Spray variants are also delicious as ingredients for cocktails.

The Ocean Spray range also contains Cranberry Compote. Ocean Spray Cranberry Compote and Ocean Spray Cranberry Apple Compote are delicious fruity sauces made according to original recipes. They are a delicious addition to game, poultry, pancakes and other desserts.

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