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Sapori Cantuccini: the sweet tradition from Siena

Back in 1832, pharmacist Virgilio Sapori set up a traditional bakery in Siena. The bakery has been making traditional almond biscuits to a traditional Tuscan recipe ever since. For almost 200 years, Sapori has been upholding the tradition of making Tuscan patisserie and producing mouth-watering products such as Panforte, Ricciarelli, Cavalluci and Cantuccini. Cantuccini is one of its best sellers.


Cantuccini are typical Italian almond biscuits that originate from Tuscany. Sapori Cantuccini is made with fresh milk, fresh eggs and whole almonds. Cantuccini are baked twice, making the biscuit extra crunchy. The unmistakeable taste of fresh ingredients and whole almonds, along with the irresistible aroma of vanilla and citrus fruits, the angled cut and the twice-baked dough result in a tantalising treat.

This delicious almond biscuit is traditionally served with coffee so it can be dunked, but it’s also mouth-watering as an ingredient in desserts like Tiramisu. 

Sapori Cantuccini alla Mandorla is available in bags of 175g, 400g and 800g.

Besides Cantuccini, the Sapori assortment includes Amaretti Morbidi, a deliciously soft almond cookie; and two variants of Delizie Toscane, with candied fruit and almonds or figs and nuts.

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